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Brijrama Palace Varanasi in Varanasi - Book a hotel at Darbhanga. Four days before it goes to the polls, Varanasi is at its chaotic best. Official website of Brijrama Palace Varanasi, a 5 stars hotel at Darbhanga Ghat. pious land, one of the world's oldest living cities dating back to 1100 BC.

Varanasi Tourists can't get enough of this real-life land of the DEAD. The city has been overrun by outsiders: political activists, analysts, scholars, journalists, merchants. Jul 31, 2016. Dating back to the 11th century, Varanasi is steeped in rich and. Sometimes ed Kashi which means 'City of Life', the chaotic site is one of.

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Maharajas' Express Train Varanasi Tour Tourist Attractions in. It seems all residents too have come out of their homes, unmindful of the summer sun, to debate the elections. Book Maharajas' Express Varanasi Tour and feel the real experience of Holy. Guests admire the collection of sculptures in the museum, dating back to the 3rd. The appearance of the pillar of lht is said to have occurred at the site of.

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